Sketching Open Day. Sunday July 6th.

Come and find out how sketching could be your next addiction!

It happens all the time! People who are quite certain that they have no creative ability, discover that ‘YES THEY CAN’ sketch.


Image 7

We will tell you about Travel Sketching. That’s what we teach. That quick observation, a few lines and you have your impression. Plus you’ll learn to add a dash of colour.

We’ll show you the Sketching Kit. All designed to carry in your shoulder bag, and is there at the drop of a hat, when you see some little something you know will make a worthy sketch. All done in the time you have.

We’ll tell you about the weekly classes and which ones you might like to join. That the classes all start in the Studio, that we go outside to sketch, and always end up in a different cafe every week. That’s how much fun our classes are. We go Out&About.

Then there are the Sketch&French courses, The Cake Sketching, the Saturday workshops, the Getaways, the Sketch Holidays. Whew the list goes on.

So do drop in this Sunday, have a chat and see what we do. And as I said. Some of those folk who were so certain they could never draw a straight line, are sketching every day. No straight lines needed. Wobbly ones are more interesting!

Image 5

©ErinHillStudioJune 2014

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