Advanced Sketching beside the Seaside



This weather is remarkable. Only because it’s Winter but behaving like Summer.  Just love it. Makes you so alive. Specially when you’re going sketching!

Judy and I had our two classes together today, but we each did our own thing,  although we’re working within the same location.


The Advanced Sketchers were trying another new way to sketch.

We were putting down mixed colours in watercolour then doing our black line sketch over that when dry.

Because we were at the Marina, the colours did tend to be blues and greens, but with a few dashes of surprise colours too.  The black line could be done in twig or bamboo pen.

With our coffees in hand the day began in the warm sun, with the sparkling water at our feet. AAAAaaaaaa.

When we moved off like a gypsy caravan along the seaside walkway, sketchers trailing behind, we kept looking at the blue, purple and aqua reflections beside us and planning how to get that in our sketches.

We were headed to the 3 Houseboats for a sketch again using the colour down first technique.  The sketch then becomes very loose because it works on its own with the colour beneath.  The sketches are all very different but terrific.



Under the tiny pathway beneath the Spit Bridge we all meandered, across the sand and to our tables. A few more folk in today. Word must be getting out.

Judy’s group has one table and ours another.  Wines and drinks were ordered and some very tasty seafood, Thai salads and brushetta.

As usual sketching seems to take priority over food so in fact everyone did four full page sketches with variations of colour and loved doing it.

Just stunning as you’ll see. Till Term 3 – keep up the sketching.


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