Bonjour mon nom est….


Sketch&French. Monday 9.30am. July 21 ’14

The Studio was a nice warm place to come into on this slightly chilly day.

Our students arrive all slightly hesitant about what they’d let themselves in for, as one always is on the first day of anything new.  No need to worry.

Sandrine was probably just as worried, as she hadn’t tutored one of our classes before either, but she didn’t show it.  So I was the only one who could happily sit back, knowing exactly how much fun and brain exercise everyone was in for.

Sandrine began with a few French introductions and then translated into English, thank goodness.  We realised that the Australian habit of shortening our names, doesn’t sound so great in French.   Marianne for instance sounds glorious in Sandrine’s French. Min, or Dot, or Pat somehow do not.  So today we used our full names.  Our Mothers would be proud.

Sheets were handed around everybody, and here were the French words and phrases we would attempt today.  Sandrine very cleverly set up questions and then asked each one to repeat it to the person beside them.  We are still quiet little mice at this stage, but bravery will come.

That hour flashes by and it’s time to shake oneself down, and settle in for a nice tea or coffee.  Merci and au revoir Sandrine.

But no, the intensity is not over.

You are about to move into the other side of your brain and begin observing gardenia, camellias, daisies and french lavender, arranged in small French pots.  This will be your floral sketch of the day.

We start with observing how high and how wide. Where’s the centre. We talk about why we start this way.

Before long some delightful sketches are beginning to emerge.  Time to add colour, in layers.  I continue with the demo. Colours are looking great.  Remember the whites.  Great work everyone.

Everyone agreed they’d had a huge amount of fun, and their brains had shaken and stirred out some cobwebs.  Lets do it again next week.


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