Je Voudrais Deux Croissants, S’il Vous Plaît?


Sketch&French. 9.30am. July 28 ’14.

Everybody arrived bright, keen and ready to immerse themselves in some new French phrases.

Sandrine had created leaflets with groups of words and phrases which are absolutely essential if you need to have dialogue of any sort in France, particularly if you have croissants in mind.  The French do not necessarily speak fluent English so you need to meet them half way.

As Sandrine says, they are very proud of their beautiful language and do appreciate it when you make an attempt.  As she also says, they can seem quite abrupt but it’s not personal.   Do not rush back to your hotel room, sob into your pillow and vow never to try again.   Get over it and persist.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or should we say Paris.

So today was a good chance to read the groups of words, say them out loud and try to get the emphasis right.   We laughed as we tried to get sounds coming from the back of the throats!

How do they do that!  We sound like we’re choking.   Oh so that’s how it should sound!  Magnifique!

The time flies by and it’s time for our  Cafe au lait. Avec du sucre?

We gather up our sketching gear and head just round the corner to do vignettes of the ornate terrace house details.  We noticed that the iron gate is topped with a classic fleur de lys design.  Maybe we are in Paris!

Just the little things that make up this style is what we’re after in our sketches.  We see a house number, outdoor lamp, letter box, and iron railing.  Layer those colours to keep it bright.  Great work everyone.  They look just great.

A lundi prochain.


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