Saturday Sketch Workshop with Judy. July 26th



I had been very busy planning our first workshop this term and had plenty in store for those unsuspecting sketchers.

We all met in Nominom, a shocking pink building on the beachfront, easy to spot from a mile away.  The owner was most obliging as he had put together some tables for us upstairs and it was a truly colourful place to be, like having our own psychedelic studio by the beach.

After introductions we started ordering our coffees.  That poor waitress had the patience of a saint as no sooner had she come upstairs with a coffee than one of us ordered another one (we just wanted her to get a bit of exercise really!)

Once we were all settled I showed everyone what I had in mind………. the focus was going to be making sure you recognise the different tones and light and shade when painting.

Frequently people tend to stop a bit too early with watercolour and don’t add enough shadows to make their artwork pop.  I had a couple of exercises ready for everyone to demonstrate the importance of noticing the shadows and depth of the shadows.  I told everyone to layer up the watercolours and come in with lovely deep colours at the end.  Just as your mother used to say “Don’t be afraid of the dark!!”

Once we could not fit another bit of caffeine in our systems we headed off to my favourite house at the end of Carlton Street.  I’m sure you’ve all passed it, looks a bit like a Spanish inspired mosque (there’s probably a correct Architectural term for it’s style but I have no idea what it is!)

I just was drawn (no pun intended) to the contrast of the palm trees against the creamy building and the tower at the end.

How fortunate someone built a wall opposite that we could all sit on. (Although we are travel sketchers we like to put our feet up too)

Great results ladies, you put lots of great shadows in, and look how good the artwork is!

We loved the chap on his unicycle whizzing past (bit too fast for us to sketch him though).

We discovered a table calling our name at Foundry 53, although there was a nice Irishman and his daughter sitting at the end of it.  They kindly moved tables so we could take up the whole space (it might have been the fact that I suggested I sat on his lap that made him move quick sharpish!)

Yummy food, finish off our sketches, sketch a few new things on the table and hey presto! we are off again.  This time to the beachfront to sketch the beach shelters.

Oh my is that the time?  Where did the day go? It was four o’clock already and we were still going.  In fact some of the ladies could feel an alcoholic beverage coming on so we all agreed that a trip to the pub might just finish the day off nicely.

Oh yes, some bubbly and some wine and a shared plate of nachos kindly bought for us by Margaret and we were all feeling very happy indeed with our day.

I absolutely loved running this workshop and can’t wait for the next one – I have some great things planned for it.


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