Sketch-your-Cake High Tea at The Tea Cosy.



SketchyourCake High Tea. Thursday July 31st. 2014.

We’re so used to Tuesday being the afternoon of our sumptuous High Teas, that we had to keep reminding ourselves it would be Thursday this time.

We’d chosen a little traditional Tea Shop called the Tea Cosy. It’s a family run business which is always nice, because you know they care. A change from the wide variety of larger venues we’ve been to over the years. That’s part of the fun of SketchyourCake. We try different places and we thoroughly enjoy them all. We’ve only had one ‘faulty towers’ occasion and we still laugh about how it went so pear shaped!


Ash is the lovely owner who’d organised our afternoon and here she was bringing the High Tea menu and offering to get us firstly two jugs of Lemongrass, Ginger and Apple iced tea, followed by any of the teas they have, whenever we’d like it brought. The first taste of that cool refreshing drink was gorgeous. We were all thirsty.

Something a little different for our sketchers today was to try the different coloured pens, as one of classes did this week. You think and sketch differently when you try something new. This appealed to everyone and some gorgeous cakes, teapots, scone and little cake sketches began to appear.


The tea arrived in teapots and wearing some pretty cute and colourful tea cosies. Definitely a sketch. The watercolours went well over the coloured lines and and resulted in some quite different and free sketches for everyone.

One sketcher had pre done several pages in watercolour washes, and now being dry they were just right for sketching over and adding even more colour. Just gorgeous.


Watercolour pencils were also used over the bright lines and work equally well. Tea was being sipped, scones with fresh fruit jams, a variety of ribbon sandwiches and the little cakes were definitely disappearing. They were there however as sketch memories.

As the afternoon passed we had completed 4 – 5 sketches each and made for a distinctly colourful collection. It was late afternoon as we thanked our hosts for a very enjoyable time and wandered off to catch a ferry to home. Really lovely everyone, and your sketches are so beautiful.

Best wishes to one sketcher headed for Alaska in a day or two. What kind of cakes could you sketch there?  Golly one’s mind could get very creative. Till October, happy sketching all.


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