Excusez-moi, oú est …?


Sketch&French 9.30am Monday August 4 ’14

A gorgeous day for our French&Sketchers to be out bright and early ready for our 3rd week of partaking a little language and art.

Sandrine had created a street map (plan) for today’s lesson, which based on ‘Asking & Giving Directions’. She laid it on the table and went through a list of words on our sheets which were the essential ones needed to string a question or answer together.

It was a clever game, as Sandrine would ask each one to point to where she was asking to go. One needed to hear all the directions and then find the exact position on the map. Lots of laughs here, as we went wrong ways then changed our minds, but finally reached our destination.

People then asked the next person for directions and slowly but surely, the answer would come back. All absolutely what you’ll find yourself doing when somewhere in France. No point turning the map this way and that and hoping! With just a few words you’ll feel so empowered. YES I did it!  I actually wanted the bathroom not the Post Office. Ah no matter.

Time for a cafe break. We all take café au lait, so it’s easy to do. Sketching today would be about trees. You’ll find wherever you travel, trees tend to be everywhere.

Not always like Australian ones, but whatever the shape you need to observe it, and in a  few lines, you want to get the impression.

We checked the big paperbark gum across the road for size and proportion. We’ll do the main trunks, up to the leaves – more or less. We had a demo on applying 3 colours for the trunk, and you get a lovely variation of colour coming through – and no brown in sight. This trunk was more goldy lavender! Why do we always think tree trunks are brown! Observe as many colours as you can think of as an exercise. You will be amazed!

Absolutely great work today everybody. In fact we are loving the classes.   A la semaine prochaine.


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