Sketching with The Executive Connection


Sketching with The Executive Connection. Saturday August 16 ’14

Talk about connections. That’s how the world works.

It turns out the Executive Connection members were having one of their annual Seminars this weekend. TEC is an international business group designed to connect, inspire, and challenge business leaders through enhanced leadership, strategic focus and practical solutions.  People generally meet once a month for workshops, guest speakers and discussions.  The chosen place for the annual sojourn including partners would be Watson’s Bay Hotel this year.

It’s quite a social weekend with a business agenda thrown in.  Saturday afternoon is the time to have a couple of hours with an inspiring guest or activity.  One of the members had suggested ‘Learning to Sketch’

Organiser Rhae Hooper was on the case. Through a friend of hers who happens to be an Erin Hill Sketching student, she knew the exact person to approach.  Who else do you call when you want to teach 20 business executives the art of sketching!

Yes you got it.

And so it was arranged.

We needed a large sunny room where everyone could see and hear.  The hotel didn’t have it on the day, but Woollahra Sailing Club at Rose Bay did.

And so we began. A big white board would be useful to show the first part of ‘How to See’.

The subjects were laid out on the 5 tables. Banksia and seed pods in a variety of colours and sizes.  Good simple shapes to begin observing.  A few looked a little dubious. Adults who’ve had very little art experience don’t want to be shown up now.

We talk about how it’s simply the way you see the subject in front of you. Now and in this moment is all that counts.  Use your pens and make the biggest shape.   Continue to build your sketch. Check sizes of items and how they compare to each other.

We had enough watercolour pencils to have 3 colours each.  Once the sketch was done, (and some whipped through them,) we could begin layering.  This was quite an eye opener to people.  What you can do with 3 colours is fascinating.

We worked our darks into the corners and watched the sketches come to life.  A touch of blue popped in just set it all off.

The sketches were fantastic. Each one quite different to the next. Everyone seemed pleased with their results.  We laid them all out to see them together. Here’s when you really see the differences.

Well now. Here are 20 people who have all learned a new skill, and overcome the long held idea that they were not creative.  I was so delighted with everyone. To see such results in just 2 hours means you have begun your sketching journey.  A skill you can take with you forever. Share what you’ve learned with others.

If everyone learned the joy of sketching we’d have a happier world.


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