Combien y a t-il d’arrondissements á Paris?


Sketch&French 9h30 du matin Lundi 25 Août ’14

It is so blue and lovely today. A bright sunny day to continue our classes by 3 more weeks.

This is just a small group of dedicated students keen to carry on the learning they’ve started to get a handle on.

Today’s French conversation with Sandrine would be about the 20 arrondissements of Paris, locating monuments and famous landmarks, and of course opening and closing times.

Sandrine had a wonderful Paris city map which meant her questions and answers could be about getting about the city. Questions were asked about how to get from here to there and always in French. Your answers would of course also be in French. Makes sense!

The time flies and it was time for our café au lait.


In fact we’d be having a go at the 5 minute hot coffee sketch. We set up a cup and saucer, with a patterned jug, a few sugar sachets and teaspoons.

Ok lets get started. Sketch the round elipse of the the coffee in it’s cup.  Right, now get the colour in. You are now able to drink while it’s still hot.

Then when you are ready, carry on and complete the sketch. Excellent work once again, and as always in a very limited time. More fun next week.



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