Comment fait-on pour aller á l’aéroport?


Sketch&French 9.30am Monday September 1 ’14.

Not a spot of rain to be seen. In fact a lovely bright and clear Spring morning Just a small class with another of our S&F being unwell.

So today we would learn about getting around and asking the way. We talked about buying tickets to the airport, getting buses, getting the metro

Sandrine had questions ready for us to ask and answer, and she doesn’t slow down. That’s the way you’ll hear the language in France.

Where possible Sandrine would look for the simplest cut down version of what you wanted to say, so you could at least be understood.

One week to go, so we’ll go back over the most important parts of the language.

Best also to try not to translate between languages.

Try to let it come naturally. It will happen, but not overnight!

Sketching of the mannequins began after a well earned café au lait.  At first the figure seems daunting. Then when you take it apart and see the shapes, it becomes a little easier.

Both our sketchers did so well working out the lines and angles.  We used our 3 colours and today a dash of waterbrush popped the colours in the darker spots.

Great work girls. You’ve worked your brains hard today with very worthwhile results.

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