‘A Taste of Sketching’ Workshop. September 6th ’14.


Yes more rain. Just for a moment though one sees blue skies and even some rays of sun.

But none of this matters to we sketchers. You find a dry spot somewhere and carry on.

We all meet upstairs at Nominom in Manly, actually a great place for amazing ice cream and yoghurts, though they do a good coffee and other food. And we love our ‘upstairs studio’ with views straight to the beach. Fabulous even in the rain.

Once round the table and introductions are done, we begin to observe our subject.

Image 19

We love to do the first ever sketch lesson with simple petal and leaf shapes,and the trusty hibiscus does us proud.

Of course everyone is a teeny bit anxious. Apart from our experienced sketcher on her second lesson.  We all feel out of our depth when faced with something we’ve never thought we could do.

So as we begin to observe the shapes I talk everyone through the first steps, and their first lines go down.

From there we see where all the other shapes fit and before long it’s time for colour.  Out come our watercolour pencils and we take away brown and black. It’s the pure colours we’re after. The way we use colour is our own layered style. Works a treat.


The rain stopped so we decided to head towards Whitehouse Flowers. They are on a corner and part of a line of early cottages. It s a very appealing sketch location. Rather than the whole shop, one can zoom in on smaller details which still tell the story.

By now it was blue and sunny, and very pleasant for standing and enjoying our sketching day. Time stands still while being so absorbed. But all this intense concentration makes one very hungry.

Image 20

Along we go to Foundry 53, one of our favourite cafes.

Because they have several very large tables we can always get a place. Lunch was ordered and sketching carried on.

These are dedicated people, sketching everything on the table and the food as it arrived.

Flower shops were completed and now we had cafe sketches.

IMG_8689 IMG_8700

Still time to make a dash over the street as the rain was bucketing by now.

We found seats under a verandah opposite the little cottages and got the line part of the sketch in before deciding to head back home to Nominom.

At least we’d be cosy there and some were waiting to have their afternoon hot drink.


Well everybody. You’ve done some gorgeous work today and discovered the ‘Yes you can sketch’. These sketches were all done by people who had never sketched before. Even they were surprised and delighted.

I feel so proud of you all, and now you know that you can never go wrong. Everything can be fixed.

Till next time.

Image 21




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