‘A Taste of Sketching Workshop’ Saturday Oct 18

Image 17

Sat Oct 18 Workshop

It’s ways nice to be in Manly on a buzzy busy Saturday.

Today I would be taking a ‘Taste of Sketching’ workshop, while Judy did my usual class.

I saw them all briefly as I met up with two intrepid sketchers joining us for the Workshop from the Blue Mountains.


When we met everybody at Nominom it turned out they all came from there too.

The staff are always helpful and our coffees were brought up to us to give us a creativity kickstart.

Luckily there were some tiny potted pink and cream roses on a side table.

Good we’ll have those. Plastic but who would worry. We need some forgiving shapes to start with.

I usually find something hanging over a fence but nothing took my fancy today.

Image 18

We started as always with observing our subject and page.  Then working out how high how wide and where was the centre.

A little plan is what I call it. A way of getting an idea of where all the shapes will go.  Shapes. That’s what they become. No longer the thing you have a label for but a series if different shapes.

Before long we had some really lovely and individual sketches. People were quietly pleased as they began to see what was in front of them, and get it on the page.

Colour next. My layering system. Works fast if you use the wcolour pencil sideways.  This seems to be working. The sketches are done and we’ve even added a touch of waterbrush.  Off to our outdoors location.

Old cottages. The shapes are simple and we’ll learn to look for the main ‘box’first.  Oh all that detail. What will I do! Put it in later. Once you’ve built your house.


This is new for everyone. All fine having a table and chair to spread out on, but here you find yourself standing on the street holding what you need in one hand and sketching with the other.

Adds to the skill of course.

Our sketchers chose their cottage and got  started. We are on a time limit as though we’re on a Sketching Holiday.

Looking at it straight on makes it simple to see and no perspective to worry about. The sketches were looking good. Get those big shapes in and any detail later – if it needs it.

Image 19

A late lunch was calling and a chance to use more colour.

Foundry 53 is always good for food, ambience and a big share table.

Over some delicious dishes and coffee we explored our layering technique and leaving plenty of white round the edges.

The reason for this soon becomes apparent.


One more stop off for the afternoon is the intriguingly named ‘The shop Next Door’. Two surf shops and a rustic cafe.

We would do as many vignettes (tiny sketches) as we could here.  Thongs, hats, surfboards, pot plants, coffee and tea packs and interesting packages abound.

Our sketchers soon found little objects they could scatter over their pages and throw some colour on.

Somehow the day was done.  And so were they, they said.  Happy but worn out sketchers.

You can call yourself sketchers you know.  The minute you put pen to paper, that’s what you are.  A lovely day all round. People with new skills drift away to add a taste of this to their other lives.

Gorgeous work all.


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