Sketching Our Final Cake Crumb.


Sketching our Cake & having it too. Tuesday October 28 ’14.

We’ve been sketching and eating cake since 2011. 🎂 Every month then every two months.

We’d work our way through the Scottish scones with a side of fresh raspberry jam with a dollop of clotted cream then perhaps a French chocolate bavois would find its way to our fine china plate and each and every mouthful was a sketch never to be forgotten. 🍰


Some of our sketchers had their first lessons over an English Rose teacup.  Look for that oval they’d hear me say. The saucer is just as curved. 🍮

Then ‘Do watch those pointed corners. Round things don’t have pointed corners🍵

What pointed corner you might say, I’ve just eaten it!


We gathered together in the presence of CAKE at Burnt Orange in Mosman. This would be it we decided.

Everybody can now sketch a fabulous cake without anymore instruction from me!🍰

Image 1

However, we’ve loved it so much but now feel we may give the cakes a rest.

We won’t say never, but if an irresistible High Tea turns up somewhere, we could decide a ‘Sketch your Cake’ moment is coming on. 💝

Keep an eye out, you never just know when a giant cupcake grabs you and demands to be sketched. 🎨

IMG_0423 Image 9


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