ErinHill Studio Student Exhibition Nov 22 ’14 – Jan 17 ’15

BELLA VISTA CAFE & GALLERY. 203/33 Nth Head Scenic Drive, Manly, Sydney.

NOVEMBER 22 ’14 – JANUARY 17 ’15   Open every day from 9am – 4pm

This is a great opportunity to come to our first exhibition and see what ErinHill Travel Sketching is all about. Gabriella from Bella Vista invited us to be the first show in her newly renovated gallery space, and although sketchers don’t usually exhibit, we decided it was a fab chance to show everybody what we do in our little sketchbooks.

Sketching is about catching a moment. An impression. A few lines and you have it. Add a dash of colour and there you are.

We don’t sketch to sell or exhibit. It’s purely for your own pleasure.  We teach you how to do all of this in our weekly classes and you don’t need an ounce of previous experience. You’ll be surprised how once we show you exactly how to observe your subject that you’ll be sketching in your first class.

However we have decided to put a small price on some, as they will make gorgeous gifts.

Come and have some coffee and cake, wander round and enjoy the student’s sketches and take in the views from one of Sydney’s iconic locations. If you happen to see any of the artists there, have a chat and find out about their sketching journey.

You’ll see sketches done in Manly’s many locations, to Europe or elsewhere in Australia. This is Travel Sketching. We sketch wherever we are.

Find out more about us under SKETCH CLASSES in the menu on our Homepage then join one of the many classes we have on offer. We’ll help you discover the creative side you didn’t know you had.


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