Sketch&French. A little sketching & A little French. Ooh la la.

Week 1. Monday Feb 2 ’15.

Our first class for Term 1 on a bright Monday morning is Sketch&French. We will be starting with sketching and we have already two gorgeous flower studies we’ll be observing.

Some of our people are already sketchers, so they will be doing the more complex flowers and leaves. For those new to the game, we choose the simple clear red hibiscus, and we get started.

Our first class is about ‘seeing’ and we move through the stages and making good progress in the time we have. That’s the thing about Travel Sketching. You sketch in the time you have. Just an impression. Great work from all, and you’ll see how well everybody began to see those shapes.

Adeline was next up. We have tea or coffee at the changeover, just to get your brain refocused. You are now using another part of the it, the analytical bit.

Today Adeline would introduce the very first sentences you will need when you travel in France. The best part of S&F is that you have conversation. You say the words. You hear yourself and correct yourself as you go. Adeline will keep you up to scratch and guide you along.

More next week. Lots of fun and lots of sharing.

IMG_2458 …………………………………………………………………………………………………… ©ErinHillStudioFeb’15


  1. Ted van Mierlo

    Hi Erin. Some of the courses you have to offer look great. Was just wondeing if I could enrol into the the ‘Sketch & French’ course as I’m an up & coming tatoo artist & this type of education would be just perfect.

    Contact me to let me know any of the details with the enrollment. That’s if there’s any spaces left in this popular course! Thanks. BTW if no room is available could you please pencil in my name for next term. Hope to see you soon-Ted.


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