1 Day Intensive. Valentine’s Day.

A glorious sunny February day topped off by a huge Surfing Carnival made Manly “THE” destination of the day for hordes of folk today.  I remember to avoid the beachfront – phew.
Our Intensive Workshop was a lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day and two lucky folk were given the workshop as a present from partners – beats a red rose any day in my books!
We started with sketching hibiscus in the studio and learning how to see, how to measure, where to place our subject on the page and how to apply colour and sketch loosely.  It can be challenging if it’s not how you’ve done things before – we even hold our pens differently from normal – yikes!
Our five sketchers handled their first sketch with great enthusiasm and success and we followed on with a 4 minute sketch of cupcakes to see how quickly we could do things – no problem.
Lunch was calling at Foundry 53 where we sketched our coffees.  How to make those black saucers without using black?  It is all in the layering of colour.
Final destination was White House Flowers, and what a great place to stand outside on Valentine’s Day, as we watched a variety of folk go in and then come out armed with wonderful enormous bunches of flowers for their loved ones.  I am still dreaming of receiving a bunch like that from my hubby – aaaaaaah one day perhaps! It’s just not his thing.  But watching everyone else and sketching the selection of flowers and hanging flowers and baskets outside was just lovely.  Such a lovely spot to be.
Gee is that the time?  The workshop was over before we knew it and after photographing some colour swatches and our work it was already time to go.  What a lovely day.
Feb 14 Intensive. Hibiscus first sketch Feb 14. Quick sketch cupcakes Feb 14 Cafe Foundry 53 Feb 14. Whitehouse Flowers
©ErinHill StudioJudySalleh’15

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