Sketching Week 3. Sailing & Sea.

A very enjoyable week for all our students. This week it was colour techniques with watercolour pencil with water brush.

We started with a quick nautical sketch followed by a page of colour swatches, using all 10 of our coloured pencils. Hard to light and a stroke of water brush to see what happens.

Colours were then applied to your sketch, and sparing use of your water brush, learning how much or little water was best. You’ll soon find out which!  We used just 3 random colours on our sketch to make the most of light and dark, rather than matching colour.

Before trotting off to down to Manly Cove,  we made a set of 6 sea colour swatches. Using colour combos we could refer to when looking at the real sea. Finding where to put lights and darks, working your composition all the way up the picture.

Once at our location, we used the 1/3  2/3 concept to create a pleasing balance in the sketch. When all the elements you want are in place, go to it with the colours you already have in your book as reference, then try the water brush to get accents in your sketch.  We completed the day at Manly Wharf Hotel with delicious seafood and lobster burgers. A very nautical week indeed.

A very successful week everyone. Take a look at your sketches and feel proud.


Tuesday. Sailing ship sketches Image 14 Tuesday. Sketching the sea


Wednesday Water sketches

Wednesday. Manly Wharf Hotel bistro sketches


Thursday Sailing & the Sea Thursday Looking out to Sea


Friday Ship Sketches Friday Sea Sketches


Saturday Ship Sketching Saturday. Sea & Sand sketches


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