Sketch&French. Week4. Where Are You Going?


Sketching during the first part of the class was all about gnomes!  The sort you find in the garden peering at you from under a bush.  Helpful little chaps who cheer you up.

However our job was to sketch them – quite quickly – and get some colour down as well. All done cheerfully!  Not the simplest of shapes but the students did an excellent job as you’ll see.

Adeline arrived with baby Juliette. So while everyone relaxed, coffee was being prepared, before the baby went off to Manly.

Conversation today was about getting around.   Each one was to ask questions about directions costs etc, and the other would reply.  Such a good experience, getting those words sounding right.

Being understood is the main thing.  You can work on the perfect accent later.

S&F Gnome sketch


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