Sketching Week 6. Ingredients & Fresh Food.

For our New Sketchers on Monday, it was Week 1. First sketches of flowers and trees. Looking at shapes, looking at colour. Getting light and dark. Great work all. Finishing at one of our favourite cafes, Belgrave Cartel with very impressive coffee sketches and having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. For all other classes it was week 6, so we did a little revising of our skills, with a very appealing Indian Cooking ingredients setup for inspiration. A couple of old lanterns gave it some height and the colours would give us a chance to get some good contrast. We also tried a few chinagraph swatches to see the effects we could get. Food was definitely our subject so our location was Manly Food Co-op, to sketch real food displayed in baskets, containers, jars and bottles. Even had a little perspective as you looked along the shelves. To really top the food experience off, we headed to Dolce Terre Italian Cuisine. Fresh imaginative salads are their main offering. Great to share as they are so big. I tried a Solo Mia drink. So beautiful. Heavenly even. A spiritual experience. Our students are now showing how well they can sketch quickly, and apply colour – just as quickly. MONDAY MARCH 9 ’15

Monday Hibiscus Sketches Monday tree sketches Monday coffee sketching TUESDAY MARCH 10 ’15

Tuesday Class sketches

Tuesday Co-op sketch


Wednesday Ingredientssketches Wednesday Food Co-op sketches THURSDAY MARCH 12 ’15

Thursday Chili sketch Thursday eggplant sketch Thursday Co-op sketches Thursday Dolce Terre sketches FRIDAY MARCH 13 ’15

Friday Ingredients Sketches Friday Manly Co-op Sketches SATURDAY MARCH 14 ’15

Saturday Food Sketching Saturday Co-op Sketches ©ErinHillStudioMar’15

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