Sketch&Watercolour Intensive. ‘Flowers & Gardens’

Saturday March 28 ’15

What a beautiful sunny Autumn day it was for our Watercolour Intensive. We met in the studio at 10, and after introductions and getting to know a little bit about each other it was time to have morning coffee, and get our paintbrushes out.

The focus today was loosening up with watercolour and our theme was flowers and gardens. How do I make a green plant or tree look interesting? How do I capture the light and shade?

We started off with a small pot of basil and really freed up using watercolour. The exercises were met with quite a lot of “oohs” and “aahs” as people discovered a new sense of freedom.

We then took this technique and sketched a palm tree opposite. Wow, how loose are we getting with our paint! No filling in here carefully going to the edges, this felt almost a bit reckless! Image 53 Image 60 Next stop was overlooking the Bowling Club from Ivanhoe Park. The contrasts in vegetation are really interesting and the key is to make sure that everything doesn’t just look like one flat colour green. Well done everybody, the results were amazing.

We had lunch at one of our favourite cafes – Foundry 53 on Pittwater Road. The fresh food is just delicious and well priced. Karen’s and my peppermint teas seemed to taste decidedly unusual. It turned out we both had Liquorice Tea instead of peppermint. Glad our tastebuds aren’t dead yet – we knew something wasn’t right!

Time was flying by so we headed off to sketch a gorgeous house with a round turret on the corner with palm trees in front. Often I find that the less time people have the better the sketching becomes – funny that!

Exceptionally good results folks, there was a definite step forward by everyone in how we approach applying watercolour to sketches. What a lovely day we had.

 Coming up.Saturday April 25  ‘A TASTE OF SKETCHING’. Learn the skills and techniques of Travel sketching and colour. 10am – 3pm. ‘Architecture of Manly’

Image 58 Image 61

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