Week 1. Sketch&French


Our first S&French for Term 2 got off to a great start with some keen people ready to begin sketching and conversing. For the sketching part of the lesson we have bright yellow chrysanthemums as our subject.  Going back to first steps is a good reminder as to how we observe and plan our sketch.

These days we all seem so short of time whether travelling or not and our class is no different. No pressure, just get your sketch down and apply some colour. Wow, you did it. Well done everyone. Really pleasing results.

Adeline arrives to begin the next part of the class and a well deserved coffee is served.  In the first week she will cover those vital introductions and greetings so very important in France.  It’s considered good manners to always greet people as you enter a shop and when passing someone in a small village.  You soon hear yourself using the right words in the right accent in this conversation part of the lesson.

A very enjoyable time is had with lots of laughs listening to one’s attempts.

S&F. Yellow pots

©ErinHillStudio Ap’15

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