Sketching Wk 1 Term 2. Autumn in the Park

We had a bit of fun this week, our first back for Term 2.  Our theme and subjects were Autumn and all it’s gorgeous colours. But Sydney doesn’t really have seasons, so there’s very little change of colour in it’s foliage. No harm unpretending though. Our potted chrysanthemums were chosen for their Autumn colours, which was so nice when the rain was falling down outside.

Our secret location in Ivanhoe Park was the Fragrant Garden, designed for the visually impaired. Nobody seemed to have ever been here. Lots of herbs and aromas when you poke your nose into the plants. Visually it’s actually very pretty with it’s little pathways and even a red ginger plant flaunting it’s bright red.  Not a lot of of Autumn colour, so we added some for good measure. We even saw a couple of Bush Turkeys pecking around in the wet.

For one group, it rained so much they dashed from the Studio straight to the Grandstand for shelter and sketched what they could see from there – as you do when you are a sketcher. Wet weather! We carry on sketching.

Here we go. You’ll love this week’s work.


Tuesday. Floweres Tuesday. Garden paths Tuesday. Cafe Crida's


Wednesday. Flower pots Wednesday. Trees in the park Wednesday. Cafe sketches 26


Thursday Chrys. sketches Thursday. Autumn in the park

Thursday. 2 more garden sketches


Friday. Coloured pots Friday More pots Friday. Pathways and trees


Saturday. More Pots Saturday. One flower pot Saturday. Cafe sketches Saturday The Fragrant Garden jpg


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