Sketching Wk 2, Term 2. Baking & Delicious Goodies

This week we pay homage to two events where baking and cakes and are a feature. It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday here in Australia and we also have the ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’ – a big fundraiser idea for Cancer during the month..

So our Baking still life was very timely and a good theme for all our sketchers this week. For our new sketchers we’d also cover some techniques we use for layering colour, and achieving warm food like colours.

For everyone else, the clock was ticking as we allowed very limited time to move around the table and sketch what you could before the timer chimed. Same with colour. You could spend a little more time on the one you were most pleased with.

Vignettes were the way we’d record our Baking journey to St Remy Baked, our lovely local bakery. All made in the kitchen right here. So the sketchers would try to capture the character of the place. Next stop was The Butchers Cafe. Here we’d have lunch, complete our sketches and sketch what one could see around the cafe in between mouthfuls of well deserved goodies. Everyone managed extremely well and the results are there for all to see.


Tuesday.2 min sketches 12 Tuesday. Baking Sketches Tuesday. St Remy Baked sketches


Wednesday. Baking Sketches Wednesday Vignettes. St Remy Baked


Thursday. Baking Sketches Thursday. St Remy Baked VignettesThursday Fast sketches_4766


Friday. Watercolour, Friday. W'Colour Pencil Friday. Vignettes, St Remy Baked


Saturday. Using 3 colours. Saturday. Baking Still life Saturday. Vignettes at St Remy BakedSaturday. The Butchers Cafe vignettes


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