Sketch&French Week 3. I need some Wine!

We’re learning to sketch trees this week. We want to be able to sketch all those manicured trees around Paris, but we don’t quite have those here in Manly. Not to worry as once we learn to observe shape, and use colour in layers, we’ll be very happy. Yes we did well today. They do look like trees.

Now we are beginning to get a few excellent phrases falling more easily off our tongues. We are sure we can organise a night out somewhere very charming, with a great wine to celebrate having made our booking all in FRENCH !!!

So if we can get every part of this right – woohoo – we’ll be taking that little seat over there by the window – non smoking merci – and grinning from ear to ear.

Oops, it’s nearly our turn to order. Ummm. Blah blah blah and whatever we can remember!!!! Amazing. The exact plate we ordered has arrived on our table. Well almost. Let’s not say we meant duck instead of chicken. It’s very nice anyway. And the wine is great. Lets order another bottle!!  I love this Sketch&French class.

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