Sketch&Wine in May. Sketching on any ol’ thing

An enthusiastic group of sketchers gathered at the Studio for our May Sketch and Wine evening on Tuesday this week. It’s not as if we sketchers would let the colder weather keep us at home when there is sketching to be done and wine to be enjoyed!

This time we had great fun sketching on old music manuscripts, ancient books, wrapping paper and newspaper. It was great to see how some of the titles and text accidentally provided context and humour to our sketches. Perhaps you will see what we mean in some of the photos below…

As one of the sketchers said, using printed pages is a wonderful way to avoid the intimidation of the dreaded blank white page and it also helps us loosen up and avoid being so precious about being creative. After all, sketching is about letting go and having fun, right? We certainly think so!

In June we thought we’d sketch handbags, man-bags and shoes. If you happen to have such a ‘must sketch’ subject in your wardrobe and you’d love to join us please let us know. Pop the date in your diary:

Wednesday 17th of June 6.30 – 8.30pm.

See you there. Toni & Karen

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