Sketch&French. Wk5. Revise Revise

Monday May 25 ’15 

After 5 weeks our students are now competent sketchers. After some colour techniques in the Studio, it was round the corner to sketch. We were looking at flat on architecture. A classic Sydney Terrace but with detailing reminiscent of many styles particularly Victorian’. Flat on is a simple way to catch the character of a building without getting caught up in perspective.

Coffee time and Adeline arrives for the 2nd part of the class. Move from one part of your brain to the other. Great exercise in itself. Conversation and role playing was simply to revise and go over all we’ve learnt so far. So once the coffee had begun to fire everyone up conversation was great fun. Oops did I say that! No I mean’t this.

So came to an end our very happy Sketch&French class for this term. Having a great time is the requirement, and losing the fear of having a go. Great work everyone. We’ll be doing it all again next term.

S&F. House sketches

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