Sketching Week 8. Colour and Distance

This week while I’m in St Remy de Provence enjoying glorious hot days, I’m so enjoying seeing you all in the pics your tutors are sending. I will be posting the first part of our marvellous Sketch Holiday soon, so you can share some of it too.

Although you had a tropical theme followed by ‘beach and sea’ using bright colours  to soft, the weather didn’t seem to realise that for some classes. So lots of rain and many shades of grey for most classes, and a bit more blue (cobalt) for others. But nothing stops a determined sketcher. Verandahs and umbrellas do us proud. By golly, if we are on a subject, then that’s what we do – from a different spot. So the beach view looking down and softening to the distance became ‘stand right here in this shelter and sketch whatever you can see in front of you’

New Sketchers did almost the same theme as General Sketchers with some delightful results. Great work everyone. Your tutors are pretty proud of your achievements this term.


Monday. Ships and the sea Monday.Seascape


Tuesday. Fruit still life Tuesday. Beach perspective  WEDNESDAY JUNE 17. NEW SKETCHERS

Wednesday. Tropical Fruit sketches Wednesday. Beach vista.  THURSDAY JUNE 18. GENERAL SKETCHING

Thursday.Tropical fruit sketches Thursday. Beach vistasFRIDAY JUNE 19. GENERAL SKETCHERS

Friday Tropical fruit sketches Friday. Beach vistasSATURDAY JUNE 20. NEW & GENERAL SKETCHERS

Saturdy. Tropical fruit sketches Saturday. Beach vista sketches



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