Sketching in Provence. First Days. June 2105

We’ve travelled from places far and wide to be here to sketch this week in the utterly gorgeous villages of Provence in France. Several of us met in Avignon and sketched together around Hotel Au St Roch’s garden, and in the Old Town before leaving for St Remy de Provence.

We headed to Hotel Glanum and 15 of us gathered under the trees in the park-like gardens to excitedly meet one another. We are from the US and Australia. A great balance and over that first dinner our common bond of wanting to sketch and learn to let go, kept us focussed all week.

Days were planned to give a broad range of experiences and locations for sketching. After breakfast we’d meet outside at our garden studio for our warm up and techniques session which could be put into effect on our classic French subjects such as  Merry-go-rounds, fields of lavender, cyprus olive and plane trees, stone village houses and markets and everything in between.

Every day we’d learn some foundation skills wrapped up in plenty of humour and discussion, to stand you in good stead for all future sketching. Although we like to work quickly we always like time to explore new villages and go shopping. Coffee and little pastries ( purely as a sketch subject) sometimes waylaid a few, and later in the afternoon the pool was a great cool down spot after the heat of the day. Sketchers could be seen sitting at tables in the garden, nice glass of wine at hand, and sketching into the pink sunset.  Very impressed everyone with your dedication.

We’ve been to villages and towns regarded as some of the most beautiful and everywhere has been a hard to believe experience. Our sketchers have achieved so much over the days we’ve had, and we have several days ahead of us yet. Part 2 will follow – watch this spot! (If you run your mouse over the images, the titles will come up)


Tuesday at Au At Roch Hotel AvignonIMG_5401 Tues June 16 Sketches from lunch at Maison Nani, Avignon DAY 2. WEDNESDAY JUNE 17 ’15. MARKET IN ST REMY

Wednesday. First sketch. Orleanders Hotel Glanum St Remy Wednesday June 17. St Remy Market Day DAY 3. THURSDAY JUNE 18 ’15. OPPEDE LE VIEUX & GORDES

Thursday. Sketches form Oppede and Gordes DAY 4. FRIDAY JUNE 19′ 15. IN VAN GOGH’S FOOTSTEPS

Friday. Lavender at Mausole of St Paul, Van Goghs monastery hospital jpg More to come soon……..


  1. More memory lane! Looks like you have a great group of Gals with you all looking pretty happy! Not surprised really. I’m thinking I should be with you, maybe next time. X


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