Saturday Intensive. June 27 ’15. Sketching and Watercolour

Another lovely Winter’s Day in Sydney met us for our Intensive – chilly in the shade but glorious in the sun.

Our sketchers were both new and more experienced so Karen and I worked with everyone to show the magic of watercolour. Flowers were our subject and we used plenty of water and dropped the paint in to watch it explode and create amazing patterns and colours.

We were so proud of our new sketchers who threw all their preconceived ideas out the window about painting and followed our suggestions on technique religiously. “Wow” how amazing were the results!

Our more experienced sketchers produced fantastic results also and worked hard on “letting go” and letting the paint do it’s thing without overworking.

I think you will see that the results are impressive!

We moved on to sketch a gorgeous terrace house on George Street and emphasized the contrast in light and shade which makes the sketch come together nicely.

Tummies rumbling and a few gasps of “Gee is that the time already?” and we headed off to The New Brighton Hotel for lunch and a quick sketch of some of our food and drinks. Afterwards we had quite a laugh sketching outside the pub at the amazing colourful facades opposite. We had a couple of drunks keen to chat to us over their beers and some friends joining a couple of our sketchers and taking over their sketchbooks. We attracted lots of positive comments from passers by and were quite entertained watching the world go by.

Thrilling results everyone – fantastic how much you can learn and progress in just one day! Check out the photos and I am sure everyone will be impressed.

Sat. Intensive. Floweres in watercolour


Sat Intensive. Manly Terraces


Sat Intensive. Manly architecture


Sat Intensive. Lunch sketches


Our next SATURDAY INTENSIVE is on August 1 ’15. ‘Faces, Figures & People’

©ErinHillStudioJudy Salleh

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