Sketching Week 2 Term 3. A Little Bit French

I caught up with a few of the classes this week now that I’m back in Sydney. I love the energy in the groups. That happy feeling of completing a challenging sketch and finishing the lesson as we do in a good cafe. Our Tutors as always did a grand job.

We had chosen The Manly Coffee Guild because they do French crepes – to go with our French theme this week. But no, now they do amazing waffles!!  Must say it’s the first time we’ve been asked if we were happy with the choice of music and was there anything we’d like to hear! Very happy thank you.

Our lessons covered using colour in ‘tide lines’ – meaning you can see where each one stops over the colours below. We talked about the green needed for olive and lavender leaves. They need some blue/lavender tones we decided. I only had watercolour pencils so did the demo using them. Interestingly the sketchers liked the look and did the same.

Do remember – we are not colouring in, but putting colour loosely on a sketch to give it dimension, and keeping those whites on tops and sides! The old iron stair case at Chancery Chambers goes up to an open circle above the floor above. You can look down over its iron railing and see the sketchers below looking up. An excellent one to practice the French staircases we see so many of in smaller Paris apartment blocks. And next the French waffles and great coffee topped our day. Our sketchers were very happy with their results. Take a look.


Tuesday. Lavender sketches Tuesday.Leaving whites on bottles Tuesday. Chancery Arcade sketches WEDNESDAY JULY 22 ’15. NEW SKETCHERS

Wednesday. Lavender Wednesday. Bottles an shine Wednesday. Chancery Arcade sketches THURSDAY JULY 23 ’15. GENERAL SKETCHING

Thursday lavender sketches Thursday bottles Thursday Chancery Arcade sketches FRIDAY JULY 24 ’15. GENERAL SKETCHING

Thursday. Sketches of still life Thursday. Chancery Arcade SATURDAY JULY 25 ’15. NEW & GENERAL SKETCHERS

Saturday. Lavender & croissants Saturday. Round & straight railings Saturday. The Manly Coffee Guild ©ErinHillStudioChristyPowellJuly15

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