Sketch&Wine. Playing with paint

We had a great evening tonight with 8 people in total.

This is such a great night for previous and current sketchers to get together and try out ideas and play. It started out being a ‘Flowers and Pots’ theme but ended up being  ‘Prawns & Vegetables’. Not a bother at all. We had flowers there anyway.

The tutors were recently back from USK Singapore Symposium and full of ideas for messing about and getting different effects. Just what the night is for. Not at all a formal class but just for the fun of it and being with people like you.

So funny. They loved it. We did wet and wild with watercolour getting them to sprinkle salt dab tissues and cling wrap in their paint and splas colour. They did amazingly!! Everyone said it was great fun.

The next S&W is on Tuesday September 22. Make sure you are there.

S&W Playing with colour and texture S&W. paint techniques S&W trying out ideas.


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