Saturday Intensive. August 1 ’15. Faces Figures & People

We started the workshop with everyone doing a quick sketch of the person sitting opposite them in their usual style.

Everyone was a little hesitant to get started on this but I said it’s just an exercise to see what your style is.

We then moved on to do continuous line drawing of people. Oh no Judy is getting us to do one of every person in the workshop – 9 in total. Funny how they get easier the more you do!  You see practice makes effect. Continuous line drawing helps to eliminate some of the fear.

We then did blind contour drawing – no peeking at your sketchbook , just drawing without looking. Oh no the faces get squashed, the nose isn’t where it should be but hey, the more we do this exercise the better we get again. Funny that!

People were loosening up and seeing results which was great. Soon lunch was calling so we headed off to The Ivanhoe – what a great pub with its lovely decor and great food.

We worked drawing people in motion which is certainly challenging before heading off to The Corso to sketch people in action. Some people were playing live music to keep us entertained as we sketched.

I was SO proud of the group today , what amazing results from you all. Well done!!!

Sat Intensive Each other Sat Intensive. People out & about Sat Intensive. Faces and heads jpg Sat Intensive. People on the Corso©ErinHillStudioJudySalleh’15

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