Sketch&Wine. Food Glorious Food

Great night. Everybody settled in and introduced themselves ready to start some fun with different mediums. 3 wines were on offer and a fine selection of cheeses to ward off any possible hunger pangs.

The displays were luscious. There were three options actually – Asian, Italian and a colander filled with mint, coriander, Bok choy, peppers, onions and a lemon. The question was whether to sketch or eat them.

You could try sketching with colour first, then sketch over it, or try the crayons or Artbars, all able to be used with water to give you a wash. Or brush or bamboo pens. Actually the sketches do look good enough to eat when you see the rich yummy colours everyone used.
We learnt that Caran D’ache is actually Russian for pencil! Thanks Helen!

S&W Food glorious food S&W. Food sketches

Next Sketch&Wine is September 22 ’15.


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