Saturday Intensive Aug 29 ’15. Using Bold Line

This month’s Intensive was all about “Line”.  If anyone struggles with their lines it is hard to make any sketch look good so the whole focus was on simplifying lines and freeing up.

One of the best ways of achieving great lines is to do contour line drawing, training yourself to really “see” what you are looking at rather than letting your imagination take over.

We had a few laughs as we sketched each other using continuous lines both with pen, ballpoint and then twig pens which Erin had kindly made for us.   She must have spent ages whittling away in her kitchen!  And what fun they are, it’s amazing what you can do with a twig from the garden – just goes to show that art materials don’t need to cost a fortune!

Our chins grew, noses were wonky, eyes weren’t necessarily in the right spot but OH the results were amazing and so characterful.  A far cry from many people’s usual style and rather freeing for many sketchers to step out and try something new.

We then followed the contours of buildings and trees looking out from the studio and focusing on keeping things minimal.  Sometimes it’s not about what you put in but what you left out!

Lunch was at Bacino Bar by the Manly Council Chambers and Karen had previously discovered that there was a nice space upstairs where chances were nobody else would have discovered.  Yes! We had our own table with plenty of space to sketch and great coffees and food.

After lunch we went outside where there was a wealth of subjects to sketch, but for some this provided a challenge of having to decide what to do!  Two assignments were given; firstly to do one sketch using the minimum number of lines possible rather than trying to fill everything in and secondly to do one sketch where you put the emphasis on a focal point or subject.  Funny how many trees were chosen by everyone!

I was absolutely thrilled with the results that everyone achieved and I think everyone left with lots of new ideas to practice.  Well done everyone!


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