Sketch&Wine.Nov28’15. Christmas Cards

Judy hosted a really enjoyable and creative night with loads of ideas for using all sorts of ‘found’ bits and pieces to make lovely and very personal little artworks. Sketchers could copy or use some of the ornaments or decorations for inspiration. Everyone loved it!

Judy did a few demos to give everyone ideas using simple bright sketches and adding and gluing on whatever you felt like.

One Sketcher told Judy she spent all of the next day making cards as she felt so inspired and has three grandchildren doing it with her over the weekend!

People brought in Japanese  paper, glitter, Christmas Carols sheets to use for mounting their artwork on. They ripped edges of paper, used china graph for snow, sprinkled salt for snowflakes and cut and stuck till our cards were a joy to behold!!

As you’ll see everyone created something individual on the night, but the ideas were ones you’d carry on using anytime from now on.

Sharing the love in true form.

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