Sydney.Summer Sketching. Weeds & Flowers

December 29 ’15. 

We had been thinking ‘Flowers and Trees’ as our theme this week. But on the way to meet our happy sketchers, I decided to pick the flowers growing on the way. I can assure you none were ‘borrowed’ from peoples gardens – well maybe those curb side only.

We had a Gardenia, a pink Grevillea, Frangipani, Banksia,( we think) Dandelions and Wandering Jew (well it’s called that) and some Bottlebrush pods.

Double page vignettes was the plan. With coffee and drinks ordered – one person still to be trained to drink coffee – we each picked up a flower from the collection. No time limits today, just sketch them all and enjoy the time together. Trees were forgotten as it meant getting up and moving. Naaah. Quite happy sitting. Very pretty work today gals.

Tuesday Summer sketches

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