Sydney.Summer Sketching. Rain Rain Rain

Tuesday Jan 5 ’16

The forecast was for rain so it was hardly a surprise that it did. Not that it was cold, just raindrops kept falling on our heads – till we hurried inside at Crinitis.

A good group of us today and already settled wondering what we’d be doing. Rain of course. Usually we look for blue skies and sun regardless of what is actually happening. But there will be days when there’s very little blue around so that’s what we’ll work on.

So – lets sketch what we see out of the big windows. This is a great spot, with people crossing from the wharf to our side of the intersection, or back the other way. Umbrellas and reflections are a good sketching trick for rain.

Colour needs to be toned down. So we looked for colour dropping one colour over another till we got the look. Mine I thought was about complete when a large brown splodge dropped from above onto my sketch!! It came from the brown pressed metal ceiling. Shock!! Not being concerned I blended it into my ‘grey’sky. Why not. A gift from heaven?

Everyone enjoyed themselves. Lots of happy hums and noises of approval. Coffee and nibbles, excellent company and conversation capped off our morning, along with first rain sketches some had ever done.

Tuesday 4

Tuesday 5



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