Sydney.Summer Sketching. Two Colour Sketches


Tuesday Summer Sketching. Two colour sketches

They said it would be 38degrees today, so after last week’s drenching rain, we weren’t sure what to think. It wasn’t in the end!

When everyone met for this morning’s sketch, it felt fine to sit outside. Coffee ordered, receipts in hand and we were ready to start. Receipts you may say!

Yep we’re gonna stick them in our books and sketch on them. As we do when we travel. Collecting all the bits and pieces you usually stuff in the bottom of your suitcase and never look at again. This way you have a lasting memory and the whole story is there.

I’m always keen to make maximum use of what we have in our little traveling sketch Kits.

And what if you found you didn’t have everything!

Shock horror!

But no, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you have will make you a fine sketch.

Today we would use 2 different coloured w’colour pencils only and sketch the people round us. Red and blue or any 2 colours you feel like and it really works. Use your thin point, or flat edge, shading, fading, texture and layering. Swap over and complete the colours anyway you like. Waterbrush? maybe, maybe not.

One sketcher had her new Christmas brush pen which she talked me into trying. Actually we both liked the results so the rules changed! Ok any two colours and a brush pen. Oh dear you don’t have one. Never mind. Carry on. Doesn’t matter.

Now get sketching. Any person  or object around you over a double page.

Another really good day and lots of good conversation with likeminded sketchers.

Last Tuesday Summer Sketching next week. See you then.




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