Discovering Pastels Workshop

SATURDAY JANUARY 16 ’16. Manly, Sydney.

Armed with boxes of vividly coloured pastels and pastel paper 8 students arrived bright and breezy ready for something different – yes, chalk pastels! With the exception of one student this would be a new experience for everyone and a big change from sketching with a pen and watercolours.

We firstly went over the different types of pastels and how you work in the opposite way from watercolour starting with the darks and going to light. Yikes, that’s hard to get used to! It’s the opposite of what we normally do.  It was interesting to discover the different ways that pastels could be applied and the layering process.  You can do expressive strokes leaving lots of the paper to show underneath or be more intense with the pastel application and create a different effect.  What fun!

Pastel 6

We started with some lemons and limes just to get used to the way to apply colour.  So interesting to see everybody’s amazing and varied artwork in the photographs.  We then attempted some bright orange berries and hibiscus in a vase and it was lovely to discover the vibrancy of the colours.

Pastel 5

Oooh that chalk pastel goes everywhere – I should have remembered to mention that – white tops are not advised! Mind you my black t-shirt was rainbow coloured by the end of the afternoon.

Lunch was a new venue – the bowling club in Ivanhoe Park kindly suggested by a couple of ladies who were members there.  Wow, what great food and such reasonable prices, we had a lovely lunch there.

Pastel 4

On the way back we discovered a magical selection of flowers and berries that were calling our names to be sketched so we gathered together a beautiful bunch for our next subject before returning to the studio again.  The thing is that pastels are not ideal for travelling as they are pretty messy so it was much better to be able to stay in one spot.

I think everyone’s artwork speaks volumes about how well they did.  Vibrant joyful artworks and lots of expressive strokes and colours.  Everyone had a really enjoyable day, myself included. Gorgeous results everyone.

pastel 7

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