Doorways & Windows. Intensive, April 2 ’16

Hi Judy here. What a lovely day we had!  Our theme this month was Windows and Doors.  One of my favourite subjects because I believe that the doors and windows are the soul of a building and have a sort of magic surrounding them.  The challenge is to create some depth and a feeling of light and shade so that we feel that we are “looking in” to a building.

We started in the studio with the usual teas, coffees and introductions and then I discussed the key points to consider with doors and windows.  You have to show the structure and look very very carefully for the shadows to ensure that they don’t look as if they are just sitting flat on a building.

Aaagh, oooh, a few scratched heads but once we popped round the corner to do a few quick sketches in one colour looking for the shadows then a penny or two dropped.  Ah ha!  Now I see what to do!

Great stuff, progress is being made so we took our new found skills on the road down to Ashburner Street where a few weeks ago some of us had spotted this rather gorgeous red door and ornate window.  What a lovely sketch subject!

Ooops we didn’t notice the massive puddle of water which we stood in before starting to sketch, so a quick dry off and we were ready to start.  “Don’t just paint the door bright red” I said.  Start pale and add your shadows.  Wow wow wow, I was so very thrilled with the results, they are stunning.

By now we could pass out from hunger so leaving Kathy behind who was very engrossed in her sketch I merrily said “See you round the corner at The Ivy”, little did I know that she thought that was my nickname for “The Ivanhoe”, and thus one sketcher was lost! Oh dear.

We had a wonderful lunch at The Ivy.  They are very generous with their portions and the food is fresh and tasty plus there are always seats for us so it is an ideal venue.

Fed and watered (!) we went round the corner where there is a gorgeous green cottage and an interesting Art Deco building and the sketches produced were just lovely.  Windows and doors had depth and everyone was happy.  Well I certainly was for sure!!!


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