New Sketchers Intensive. June 19 ’16

What an enthusiastic group of sketchers for the Beginners Intensive on a wild and wet Sunday in Sydney.

Peter, Ann and Jennie, dived wholeheartedly into the foundation skills of travel sketching and excelled themselves, absorbing so much in such a short period of time.
From the very first sketch, each had their own very distinctive style, with Peter managing to make his hibiscus look like a Kandinsky sketch. Lots of bold colour, lots of experimentation with two and three colour combinations in both pencil and watercolour, testing observational skills, thumbnails, composition, different techniques when loosely applying colour. After a soggy walk into Manly they continued to sketch after a hearty pub lunch at the Ivanhoe.
I look forward to seeing sketches from a planned Blue Mountains trip next weekend!
Meantime back in Sydney, next Sunday we’ll be having our Intensive on ‘People, upclose and Personal.’
Trees and leaves
Fast coffee cup

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