Sunday Intensive. People Up Close & Personal

Sunday June 26 ’16

At our Sunday intensive on people “Up Close and Personal”, we began with each sketcher saying what they hoped to take away from the day’s workshop. We first learned to do profile sketches and proportions and worked through front-on and then the three-quarters view, all before lunch! Knowing the general rules helps us to push and pull proportions to fit the individual we’re studying. How long is the nose?, Where does the ear lobe attach?, Do the corners of the mouth turn up or down…?

After a warming lunch and a well-earned drink, we returned to sketch a full length ‘up close and personal’ clothed model, (me!) drop in some colour and check out each other’s work.
As usual,each individual’s style was so evident, despite everyone looking at the same scene.”Homework” was completing a self portrait, and already a few fabulous images have come through. We love the loose, the wonky, the quirky, the honesty that comes through a sketched self portrait. Keep them coming…..!
Our next New Sketchers Intensive is on August 14 ‘A Taste of Sketching”
Our next General Intensive is on August 21 ‘Street Scenes & Figures’




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