Sketching Lessons Trausse

Wednesday July 6 ’16

For Carolyn and Paul 10am was the appointed time and we’d meet at La Bergerie. Our Studio was the garden. It was a very hot South of France kind of day. The kind the romantic novels always wax lyrical about, and the movies tend to favour. And the grapes really do need propping up. Must be ripe soon in all this heat.

For both, it was the first Travel Sketching Lesson. We had our new French sketching kit and after introductions and coffee,  we were ready to start. How to hold your pen, how to observe shape, how to plan a page. Then toss down your first lines. Jump in and they did.

The pot of petunias looked very recognisable and both rather pleased with their achievements. Just first steps today with w’colour pencils and water brush. Then some exercises in layering and leaving whites. Wow is that the time already. More next week.

Sue C and I spent a few weeks sketching round Trausse, Minerve, Trebes, and Carcassonne. We started with the Cherry Festival in Trausse and could hardly find room to sketch. Quite astonishing to see this village jam packed. Mostly you say Bonjour to no more than two people – oh but maybe if the supermarche is crowded, then three . So many great subjects for her and the confidence has grown. You’ll have seen quite a bit of her lovely work on EHS Facebook.

Isaac is my French student. We neither speak much of the others language, but with visuals and sign language, he’s done incredibly well. He’s loving it and we’ll have more classes during the next few weeks as school in France has broken up for their long holidays. I’m amazed how well my course can be taught without many words. All sorts of possibilities there!

Till next week



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