Sketching the ErinHill way

Thought you’d like a preview of some of the images in my next Bella Vista exhibition after next weekend.

Saturday July 9 ’16. Term break

We may be on term break but I see my passionate students are sketching just as much as ever, and posting and commenting on EHS Facebook. Thanks to those students who are behind this. You are saving the sanity of quite a few.
But meanwhile your new tutor team are working on exciting plans for Term 3.
We’ll have more watercolour techniques, more creative journaling, more mixed media, more new ways to make your sketches come to life.
We’ll have classes just on Sketching and Watercolour this term. We keep it fast and free, get you out and about, move and discover locations and cafes you had never noticed before.
We’re keen to hear if you have any ideas you’d like to contribute as well.
You can reply to this email and let your thoughts roll on.
Provided you can still put everything in your bag and be portable we’ll listen.

We help you capture that everlasting moment in time.  It’s all there, where you were, the friends you were with, the laughter,  the aromas, the weather, the food. All there in your sketch.
But what is quite wonderful about EHS is the friendships which bloom. I had no idea when I began it all in 2011 that it would bring people together the way it has. People will book a certain day because of the friends they made in that class. It’s the bonding with likeminded people.
Many who’ve spread their wings and moved on still meet together regularly to have a day out sketching. How much better does it get. And the funny thing is you didn’t know any of these people previously.
I’ve had emails from people who say how their lives have changed since starting sketching with us.
To be able to do something you simply thought you could never ever do, does awaken something in people. To try other things. To go out alone with your sketchbook and sit somewhere feeling completely relaxed and confident.  To travel alone. Yes you can. It’s something about believing in yourself a bit more. Giving yourself a pat on the back. You feel good. You’ll notice other people will engage with you more.  In other words ‘the light is on’. You’re a winner and people are attracted to that.
Take a look at which classes you’ll do this coming term and let me know. Some classes are already full. Be quick.

Travel sketching the EHS way is a system developed to teach absolutely anyone to sketch. It’s the IP of Erin Hill and we are extremely proud of our results. You will only learn our way in EHSketching in Manly, Melbourne, Auckland, Tokyo and France. There will be other EHS licensed schools as qualified people take up the offer to become part of our global team

More catching up next week.





  1. aduke2015

    I can’t believe that your classes have come so far – international Erin Hill classes! I feel like I have watch it grow since I met you at Urban Sketchers- was it 2010 ? I love your passion for travel sketching (which I share) and opening peoples eyes to the concept, possibilities and the potential they have within themselves. I enjoy watching the journeys of the people I know and meeting new Erin Hill Sketchers . Congratulations! I will catch up with you one day. Somehow I think that it will be in France…..

    Liked by 1 person

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