Sketching Holidays Week 2

Saturday July 16 ’16

What I’m going to say may not seem related to sketching but you’ll see that in fact it is very much part of being a cohesive society.
To be here in this small village in the South of France on Bastille Day, with a gathering of local and visiting folk was a privilege. Although we couldn’t all speak one language, we shared the joy of being together.
Who was to know what would happen a few hours later to another group celebrating Bastille Day.
I feel that after the sadness of this week in Nice, that clinging to our own values has never been more important. That sketching in itself is a way to express the way you feel about your world.
The pleasure of being in the moment and being unaffected by whatever is happening anywhere else.
The pleasure which comes from bonding and sharing with likeminded people.
To be part of a group is vital and as humans we are designed to work together, as family as friends. We are not designed to be alone.
This is where the real sadness comes in.
To be so disconnected and isolated from society, so lacking in friends or family and not be part of anything or have anyone understand you must be the loneliest feeling possible.
This is what we now have in society. Angry ‘Lone Wolf’ people. That their anger is so great that to hurt and kill is their only outlet.
This is the world we’ve created.
Let’s look after everyone in our circle. Our world. Have a positive approach in the way you go about things. One kind word can make a world of difference to those you meet. It’s all we can do. Hopefully as a society we will begin to include everybody no matter who they are or where they come from. It’s up to all of us in the end.

Here’s the sketch I did at the Trausse South of France Bastille Day ceremony. We all felt so honoured to be there, part of a joyful group. Who was to know what would happen a few hours later.

Bastille Day 1

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