Sketching in Trausse this week

Tuesday July 19 ’16. 

This week Paul is becoming much more confident with his sketching and looking forward to more challenges. He’s been doing a lot of homework so is very motivated.

Today we have Rose joining us, now that she’s had her first lesson in observation and colour, she’s keen to see how today will go.

Our warmup sketch were the ripening grapes hanging low above our Studio table, and which you can bump your head on.

We looked for the shape we’d want from the leaves and grape bunches. Check where on your page you want it.

Colour layers of wc pencil gave us the richness of more than just ‘green’ as one might first think. Think reds, purples, ochres, ultramarine. That all makes a very lively green. Leave plenty of whites.

Flat Perspective was our big sketch of the day. Very useful wherever you travel, to catch the character of a building by standing square in front of it and not using any other perspective. Not needed. Just place all doors Windows etc where you see them. Pot plants, brick or stone texture. Find the little areas of interest which give the place it’s identity. You’ll catch the character of your subject easily.

Our colours again are concentrated more towards the centre, the focus of your sketch. Very successful impressions by our students,  of this old stone village house on the square in our village of Trausse.

More next week.


France 5


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