A Sketching Week in France

August 1 – 6 ’16. Trausse Minervois

Bibs and Gordon had been to Trausse four years ago.  But now there a new reason to return. Sketching.

I’d had several emails from Bibs in Canada, and who’d studied many kinds of art over the years. But she’d seen what we do in Travel Sketching, and discovered I’d be here in France for a few months.  That’s what she wanted to do. Learn to Travel Sketch. So bookings were made for 28 Rue des Remparts at the start of August.  Lessons would take place daily.

The day you arrive you are invited to aperitifs in Salon Granache, hosted by Marilyn and Steve. So this was where we met, with glass in hand and living the France dream had begun.  Our first class was in fact the ‘Taste of Sketching’ workshop, not in the garden of La Bergerie, but at the big table in the boutique at Domaine PaulHuc in Fabrezan. It’s a very pretty half hour drive from Trausse and where our group will stay for 10 days on our South of France Sketch Holiday in June 2017.

It was a very good start to a week filled with morning sessions in the garden, covering as much as possible from our New Sketchers planned lessons.  Bibs is a very dedicated and keen student so I set her a homework subject each day based on what we’d learned that morning.  She and Gordon were still able to explore the many small villages in the afternoons, sometimes with us.

The sketchbook filled fast and we’d discuss as many little tips as possible each time we were together.  By week’s end we’d covered a huge range of subjects and between us many demos and sketches, thumbnails and notes. What you’ll see here is just a selection of what we did during a wonderful week.

For me it is very rewarding to pass on my teachings to someone so keen to learn how it’s done.  For Bibs, it was a discovery in letting go, keeping the simple impression and enjoy every sketching moment. Something i know which will keep her entranced forever.  We await her sketches as they travel around a little more of France, when she posts on our Facebook site.

We’ll meet again I know. Happy travels Bibs and Gordon. We’ve had an unforgettable week.

First obsevations

Plane Tree 2

Bibs 1

Bibs 2


Bibs. 20 sec peoplle

Bridge at Le Somail


One comment

  1. Bibs Ingram

    Bonsoir Erin! I can’t thank you enough for the most wonderful week!! It was truly a marvellous opportunity to learn from you and watch you create amazing travel sketches! You have an incredible way of not only communicating your message to students but also of encouraging them and making the student feel very good about their work. Also to be able to attain the goals of putting pen to paper and then adding colour was amazing. Travel sketching is so much fun, and I thank you for teaching me in your special way. With your advice and professional approach, I realised that it is possible for anyone to sketch, have fun, make new friends and be a part of a creative, artistic community. Merci beaucoup! Tons of love, Bibs xxxxxxxxxxx


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