New Sketchers Intensive. Aug 14

It was wonderful to spend a sunny Winter’s day with such a motivated group of sketchers. We started in the Studio with beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers, observing their dramatic shape and their myriad of colours. A sketchers delight, brilliant orange, reds, greens, yellows, even blue purples. This flower really knows how to say ‘’Look at Me!”. After a quick sketch, we enjoyed using our watercolour pencils, layering light, mid and darker tones and then layers of two or three different colours. Next we experienced just how easy it is to create a variety of coloured objects using just three colours.

After a cuppa and home baked jam drop biscuits, we headed off to Gilbert Park to observe the various shapes and colours in the foliage and greenery around us. What makes a fig tree look like a fig tree? what is the character of this and the shape of that? Angles and lines, shapes and sizes, lots of puzzle pieces that as sketchers we learn to see and simplify. Lovely loose sketches, learning to see the world around us, one shape at a time. Your sketches were fantastic, really capturing aspects of the park around us and your own individual style.

Off to lunch at a wonderful restaurant on the water, the Bavarian Bier Café, with views across stunning Manly cove. Here we opened our new watercolour paint sets and started experimenting with greens and darks, chinagraph pencil and techniques for applying colour. Such a lovely (and productive) way to spend a sketching day with great company. We cant wait to see your next sketches. Do share them with us!




Watch for the next General Intensive. August 21 ’16


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