General Intensive.Aug 21. Streets & People

General Intensive: ‘Street Scenes & People’

Manly pulled out all the stops and produced an absolute corker of a day for us to sketch happy crowds flowing out of the ferry terminal. Family groups walking along the esplanade, canoodling couples lying on the lawn, even a TV filming actors who were rather hopeless at kayaking-  we sketched them all!

In the studio, we learnt a few tricks to ‘fudge’ a crowd and add the human element to sketches to help add atmosphere, personality and a sense of scale.

There are so many different styles of depicting people but really, the only way to improve our bag of skills is to sketch from life, over and over and over and over again.

Fast gestural poses, 30 seconds of torso here, 20 seconds of running legs there, add them together and you’ve got a whole person, voila!

On to the next one…

We chose Mexican, not for the food, but because it gave us a great ringside seat to the crowds waiting at the traffic lights and running for the ferry.

As it turned out, the food was delicious as were the beers and cider!

Thank you to all participants, you were all great company and I loved the quirky people and colourful crowds you produced.


Our next General Intensive is September 18. New Sketchers is October 2.


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