Sketching French.The last days of Summer

August 24 – 27 ’16.

Over the hot days of summer, June July and August, I’ve sketched with some marvellous people right here in the tranquil little village of Trausse. It is in the Languedoc region (although we are now a bigger department called Occitanie)  and one of the best wine growing areas. Everyone has discovered what a joy sketching is. Each has gone on to continue the journey. Thank you to all of you for helping me continue my own journey to share sketching with more and more people.

We certainly fitted a lot in this final week. Ive spent some quality time sketching with Paul and Annette. Paul wanted to get up to speed on watercolours, and using the new improved colours we replaced in his palette.  Also decided to do the fruit still life with lots of white tops and sides as a watercolour layering exercise. We loved watching the colours ‘bloom’ as we dropped one colour over another. Quickly squeezed in eye level perspective too! Paul is a very quick learner so hardly needs explaining twice. With the eye level graph mailed, we looked for a corner building, on level ground and some form of brick to help us see where the lines go. Decided on the back of Eglise St Martin, which almost had what we were looking for. Great work for a ‘pick the eyes’ out of it lesson.

Annette had rediscovered her ability to sketch at our Domaine PaulHuc Workshop last month. Since then we’ve met when time allows and worked through most of the New Sketcher lessons and had so much fun doing so.  We either meet at my village in Trausse, her village in Quarante, or meet somewhere where the subject is what we want. It’s been very rewarding. Annette is another very quick learner, so it’s been an enormous pleasure to work with both delightful sketchers.

We’re back next year and we’ll meet up again then, along with the students on our South of France Sketch Holiday. Till then mwah mwah.

sketching 6

Sketching 7

Annette Le Terminus Cruzy

Annette La Somail

Sketching 4




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